Video Baby Monitors

baby-monitorVideo baby monitors give parents a whole new way to keep track of their infant. These are wonderful for seeing if your child is trying to climb out of the crib or sleeping peacefully. You can also more easily determine why your baby might be crying. Did they lose their pacifier or have they rolled into an uncomfortable position in the crib?

These monitors give parents the added comfort of being able to see their baby without going in and disturbing sleep. Video monitors are a little more expensive than the average audio monitor, but provide a higher level of peace of mind for parents concerned about leaving baby to sleep alone.

Video Baby Monitor Cameras

Nearly all video baby monitors are equipped with infrared LED lights that provide clear black and white night vision. They all also include a microphone that allows sound monitoring as well as video monitoring. Most cameras can be wall mounted or placed on a table; some include a crib mount option.

Aside from these basic features, different monitors may provide a variety of different options. Some cameras can pan, allowing you to follow baby’s movements, and others have a zoom feature that lets you get a closer look at your baby. These features are generally controlled remotely from the parents unit. Those without remotely operated adjustments require that you enter the room to manually adjust the angle.

Camera base units may also come with a nightlight, temperature sensor, pressure sensor pad or other extra features that enhance the unit’s functions. While most video monitors come with only one camera, you can usually obtain more cameras in order to monitor two rooms at once for a second child, or have multiple viewing angles on the same room.

Parent Units

The parents unit included with a video monitor comes in two types – the handheld monitor or a larger tabletop monitor. Handled monitors have much smaller screens, but are easily portable and can be carried around the house with ease. Tabletop monitor screens are considerably larger and offer a great look at the baby, but they are not easy to move around the house.

Read about one of the best rated handheld video baby monitors: Summer Infant Best View Color Video Baby Monitor.

Most parents units include a digital menu from which the features of the monitor can be easily controlled. Most have a battery-saving option that turns off the screen when there is no sound from the baby, and automatically turns it back on when baby’s sounds are detected. This allows parents to sleep at night without the bright glow of a screen to disturb them, while also conserving energy.

In addition to the video, the parents unit includes sound with volume adjustments, and most also have a light-up feature that allows you to see the sounds being detected if you are unable to hear them due to background noise or if the volume is turned down.

Buying Video Baby Monitors

If you have decided on a video monitor to keep tabs on your baby, there are a lot of choices on the market. The top selling point on any monitor should be the reception and clarity of the picture. If you can’t see the baby, the video function of the monitor is pointless. Choose a monitor with a screen big enough for you to make out details, and make sure the night vision is powerful enough to render a clear picture in the dark.

A video monitor will give you the peace of mind of being able to see your baby even at night without the risk of entering the room to check up on them. For many parents, they are well worth the extra cost.

Video Baby Monitors

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