Stream from PC to TV – The Idea behind It

So much has been said about the “stream from PC to TV” technology; however, up until now, there are still some people who do not understand what’s in this technology. Those who do not have in-depth technical knowledge are definitely clueless but actually, the concept behind this technology is simple. The process is as simple as using a hard drive and installing it to your computer. Once this is done, you may now stream videos, music, and photos straight to your TV.

The “stream from PC to TV” technology follows the concept of sending or transmitting a data flow or stream to an end-user device or application at a fast rate to allow the playing of music or display of video signals on demand or at real time without waiting time, pauses, or gaps.

To make this possible, a streaming server is necessary to compress, summarize, and send the data. Additionally, a compatible receiving application or device is needed at the other end for decoding, buffering, and displaying the data.

The transmitting server and the receiving application can be placed with some distance apart, hooked up by either a wired or wireless Internet connection or LAN. However, this article will talk about how you can wirelessly stream from PC to TV, which means that you can place your server anywhere in the house without running any extra cable around your home.

Why would you want to stream from PC to TV? Well, it’s simple – streaming from PC to TV allows the sending of movies and music from a PC to a home-entertainment system in real time or on demand. Thus, you can watch the movies you want and listen to your favorite music whenever you want. Call this PC-geek and couch potato at the same time!

If you configure your computer to a streaming server for your home entertainment system, you can also save all your multimedia hard drive files on a single shared computer. Therefore, you won’t have any hassle or difficulty looking for the multimedia files you need.

The basic procedure involves plugging together a wireless media player and your TV/audio system, just like what you do when you connect your video or DVD player to your TV. If you want to stream from PC to TV with higher quality, it is a good idea to go for progressive scan video output with connectors for optical and coax digital audio. Then, connect your player to either a wired network or wirelessly through a built-in adapter. You need this to wirelessly stream data to your unit.

The “stream from PC to TV” technology is indeed the solution you’ve been looking for if you’ve been dreaming of working on your PC files outside its hard drive.

Stream from PC to TV – The Idea behind It

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