SnowBoards now Powered by RFID Technology

Abatec – a largest enterprise of its kind in Austria has made an interesting research and came up with a really cool gadget. Guys at Abatec wanted to implement the RFID Technology in some way or the other in the outdoor sports. They studied this technology very closely and figured out the ways to put it in practice in the outdoor sports.  Even if you have a little idea about how the RFID technology works then it will be very easy and simple for you to understand how their gadgets really work.

Not getting into the details of the RFID technology, let’s just jump onto the current topic that is the snowboard. The researchers at Abatec wanted to start with the snowboard, the RFID will help to track down every move the snowboarder takes when he or she is on the track. This reminds us of the telemetry which is widely used in the motorsport. The intention is the same to track down as much information from the move as possible.

Radio Frequency Identification abbreviated as RFID, speaks for itself. The Radio sensors which are placed on snowboard are used to send information to data center where the trainer can track down every action of the snowboarder.

For instance, the coach can see every nuance of the one under wardship and can be more accurate of the mistakes and progress made by the learner. Alternatively, the training centers can also provide the videos of the professional snowboarders on the track for a better understanding of the beginners and use as one of the teaching strategies.

Sounds fascinating, Isn’t it? But this cannot be achieved so easily. The RFID requires a lot of receivers; hence every slope where this radio technology goes will have to be equipped with dozens of receivers alongside every route which is not easily achievable. It doesn’t end here they would also require enough processing power to calculate the data delay. The most impressive side about this product is that it won’t be priced too much.

Looking at the expenses involved in making of this gadget it will be out in affordable range of price. RFID will also be applied on more of the outdoor sports like skiing, skating etc. but as of now for the RFID enabled snowboard requires few more adjustments before it start working well in tandem with the snowboard. So we may have to wait a little longer until the product is out.

SnowBoards now Powered by RFID Technology

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