Performance And Features Of The Sony Ericsson Arc

This year we are seeing a lot of advancement when it comes to features and quality of gadgets. Competition is really high and manufacturers are striving more and more to provide consumers with gadgets that they need and will enjoy. Therefore, due to this fact the level of technology has become really high. This is also evident in the new Sony Ericsson Arc which is packed with amazing features.

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Consumers are now exposed to another level of technology that they never thought they would ever experience. One of the factors that drive this growth is the high level of demand when it comes to technology. This demand is also the reason why there are so many manufacturers of gadgets now making competition very high.

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The Sony Ericsson Arc has what’s called the Reality display, which has a 4.2 inch screen that uses LED backlighting. Its screen is absolutely beautiful with fabulous performance and a multi-touch feature that is highly responsive enabling you to easily swipe through apps. Also, the extra width on the phone makes browsing, composing email and playing back video an amazing experience. The Sony Ericsson Arc also has a feature that it includes in its Sony TV range, the Mobile Bravia Engine. This technology greatly improves the quality of videos through revealing highlight and shadow detail. You can active this feature in the menu after capturing videos.

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Performance And Features

The Arc has a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and responsive screen which greatly helps it perform. All these features allow you to easily change between multiple browser windows. The phone has an 8mp camera that comes with scene and auto recognition modes as well as smile detection mode. It has a large aperture of f/2.4 which improves low light performance by letting in more light. So, you are able to easily see the screen even in environments with poor lighting. The images have very bold colours with the presence of a Macro mode.

It has a range of camera features like ISO, exposure and white balance for video and stills mode. There is a 720p video resulting in great end results and the phone is also able to easily deal with differing contrast environments. Also, there is a continuous autofocus feature which is great. So the Sony Ericsson Arc is not only packed with great features, but it also has an amazing design and look making it a great package. Sony also made a few advancements on the Android 2.3.

Performance And Features Of The Sony Ericsson Arc

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