Online Bachelor Degree in Technology Management

Management of technology is the practice of incorporating technology in management and corporate process. Most businesses today rely heavily on technology; therefore, management professionals need to have good technical knowledge. An online bachelor’s degree in Technology Management gives you the chance to work simultaneously on your technology and management skills. It also helps you to gain valuable management and business skills and become better prepared for supervisory and management positions. Once you become part of this program, you will have the opportunity to explore the incorporation of technology in management applications, management of informational resources, and entrepreneurial or consulting ventures at the limit of technology in business.

Educational Requirements

If you are opting to go for an online degree in technology management, you should have completed your high school with good knowledge in technology and various modern technical aspects. The enrolment criteria for the online bachelor degree in technology management vary according to the institution which you plan to join. A few institutions also require you to have previous work experience or participation in organizations of relevance either professional or non-professional. Along with a good knowledge in technology, you will also need excellent communication skills and an ability to work for a long time.

Course Details

The online bachelor degree in technology management is designed to educate you to become business specialists in the field of technology. Courses in this program will examine the relationship between human behavior and technology. You will study the organizational structure of a business to determine how technology is managed and how decision making from the management affects the technological areas of a business. The topics of study include technological support systems, information technology, design, production, project management, and the digital divide. The curriculum may vary according to the college you decide to join. Along with the curriculum, duration of study and the requirement of lab practices also vary along with institutions. Some institutions require you to do a part of the practical at a specific place, while some institutions do not have this criteria and the teaching is purely online.

Career Opportunities

An online bachelor degree in technology management will open up to you a wide variety of career opportunities. After finishing an online bachelor degree in technology management, you can apply for various managerial jobs in technical consulting firms, computer systems based firms, manufacturing firms, and information technology industries. There are also several opportunities in the government and private technical sectors. You can also make a career as a faculty in a technology management school.

Colleges Available

There are various institutions available all over the world which offers online bachelor degrees in technology management. The courses offered by these colleges are completely flexible and does not compromise on its quality. A few of the most popular online technology management schools are given below:

  •     Coleman College
  •     Colorado technical university online
  •     DeVry University
  •     Herzing University
  •     Jones Internaltional University
  •     Keller graduate school of management of DeVry University
  •     University of phoenix
Online Bachelor Degree in Technology Management

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