Online Bachelor Degree in Computer Networking

Computer networks are essential for various business related works. An online bachelor’s degree in computer networking is designed in a way so as to mould graduates with a solid grounding on industry where information technology specialists are in high demand.

The students can choose from any of the following degree disciplines:

  •     Bachelor’s degree in computer networking
  •     Bachelor’s degree in network management
  •     Bachelor’s degree in network administration

Usually, computers are linked together in a network to communicate with each other within an organization as well as externally. Computers can be used to transfer data through highly complex local and global networks.

The coursework includes courses in computer network communication, computer networks, computer network administration, multi – office networking, network security, computer operating systems, designing computer networks, operating systems programming, database creation, project management, computer network programming, network design, problem analysis, problem solving, computer architecture design, HTML programming, UNIX programming, creation of software applications etc.

Graduates in online bachelor’s degree in computer networking are able to create, develop, program, maintain, and install organizational networks. They can also program computers and are skilled in network programming with networks of all types and sizes. Graduates in this field could find work as:

  •     Database administrators
  •     Computer programmers
  •     Computer systems administrators
  •     Support specialists
  •     Computer network administrators
  •     Software engineers etc

Nowadays, there has been a huge surge in demand for graduates in computer networking to upgrade, update, and maintain an organization’s computers and networks. If you want to pursue a career in computer networking, look no further, just enroll for an online bachelor’s degree in computer networking.

Another factor worth noting is that the demand for computer networking professionals is growing 5 times faster than the average position. The average salary of computer networking professionals is given below:

  • Network administrators – $58,190
  •     Computer systems analysts – $66,460
  •     Computer support specialists – $40,430
  •     Computer systems administrators – $58,190

List of Colleges and Universities Offering Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking Includes

  •     Capella University
  •     American Intercontinental University
  •     Kaplan University
  •     Strayer University
  •     National American University
  •     Westwood College Online
Online Bachelor Degree in Computer Networking

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