HTC Sensation XL Review

The HTC Sensation XL is another addition to the HTC Sensation range. It comes with an Android smartphone with an 8mp camera, 720p HD video, 1.5 GHz CPU and Beats audio. These are just a few of the amazing features that the HTC Sensation XL has.

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This smartphone also has a design that is sleek, a fabulous camera that results in amazing images and video. The HTC Sensation XL is the third release from the Sensation range of smartphones however it is the second HTC smartphone to have Dr. Dre’s latest audio technology, Beats. This technology pairs the premium audio output with a range of other high end content. The XL literally means that this smartphone is extra-large (XL) since it is large in size. It has a massive 4.7 inch display with 800×480 pixel WVGA touchscreen. This smartphone is 9.9mm thick and weighs 162g, but is still not obtrusive, despite its size.

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There is a USB charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack connector that is angular in nature. The HTC Sensation XL has a 1.5GHz Qualcomm single-core processor making it more than capable to handle all kinds of tasks. Plus, the smartphone has 768MB RAM which helps ensure that transitions are made easily between home screens and menus. This latest version of the HTC Sensation range also comes with the latest Sense UI that is more advanced than ever. Also, you are able to unlock the device directly into the desired applications which means that you get quick access to the camera applications and other applications on the smartphone.

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The HTC Sensation XL has a camera that comes with a dual LED flash which is quite impressive. The camera is able to produce beautiful, bright and colour pictures even in areas with bad lighting. It also has macro mode capabilities giving the camera fast shutter and rapid focus speed. One thing that will instantly draw consumers to the HTC Sensation XL is the Beats audio technology. Plus, this audio technology is further improved by the Beats headphones that are included when buying the device. The earphones have silicon tipped buds which help give you a premium audio experience producing great sounds with bass notes that are heavy and deep. So, the HTC Sensation XL has excellent sound quality and users are also given the option to deactivate the Beats audio feature. Clearly, this smartphone is an impressive device that can be able to compete with all the best smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung.

HTC Sensation XL Review

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