Honda’s Wearable Robotic Walker: Great device to resolve Major problems

With the increasing stress in the working environment, especially physical strain on legs in factories where hours of standing is needed, Honda brings a great news of relief. This time its a gadget that walks for you, takes the body weight for you and you can stand for any number of hours without feeling any strain!

Honda’s new wearable robotic Walker is the new innovation from the Automobile giant, which is primarily build to cater the factories and companies where workers complain about leg cramps and lower body problems. This Honda wearable Robotic walker is well planned to support the body weight, diminishes the stress on knees and lower back, just like as if someone is holding up your body weight as you walk. This gadget comes to resolve the special health conditions for people who require to walk and run during work hours for deliveries.

The device is also aimed at giving support to other health conditions like people suffering from arthritis and walking disabilities. It would also be a good companion of the old people. The idea for a normal person might sound weird, but this gadget comes as a relief to many who need it.

The mechanism is pretty simple. You position yourself onto the seat between your legs, put on the shoes and press start button. Now you being walking like just how you do normally. This device has computer, gear, battery and sensors implanted in it.

According to Honda Motor co., this device can bring revolution in the world of technology.

Honda plans to test run the device on its own workers in the assembly lines so that they can improve the device before launching it in the market.

Honda’s Wearable Robotic Walker: Great device to resolve Major problems

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