Garmin 265T GPS review: Good performing device

Well GPS technology has been updating faster in recent times and more gadgets keep coming in the market, trying to compete the others. This times in the run is Garmin 265T GPS. simply punch in the information and drive off to your location by finding out the shortest route. well, just like any other gadget, lets jump into it and see if it is really worth buying!

First of all, lets go through the key features. Its has Dimensions: 3.8?W x 2.8?H x 0.8, QVGA 320×240 pixel 3.5? color TFT anti-glare screen, 4 hour lithium rechargeable battery, MicroSD slot, Pre-loaded maps including North America, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Mini USB connection to PC, Car power adapter and suction mount included, Free lifetime traffic reports supported by ads, Hotfix satellite prediction for faster satellite, detection, Digital Elevation Model revealing 3-D terrain, Photo Navigation allowing navigation to geo-coded photos, Enhanced MSN Traffic/content using, optional antenna and charger

Apart from this you can Send addresses directly to Garmin from Mapquest or Google maps (while connected to PC), has 6.5 million pre-installed points of interest (POIs) + ability to add your own, Bluetooth phone connectivity, Pedestrian mode, Garmin Garage (pick a custom vehicle icon), Driving statistics including max speed, average speed, stop time, and more, Travel tools including a world clock, calculator, currency converter, and photo viewer, A multitude of spoken languages including English (US, British, Australian accents), Italian, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and more

In order to check its performance, we tested it on the busy roads of Los Angeles, especially during the peak traffic hours. The Hotfix satellite gives you a quick connection to the signal which is a good improvement in technology. After you catch the signal, you get the option “Ready to Navigate” prompt after which you type in the address you intent to reach, give the nearest landmark and accordingly go to any point on map.

There are many criterias that you can give by which Garmin guides you to the specified address. There is a traffic notification icon that turns red color when there is traffic on the route. While testing, Garmin gave us pretty good results most of the times. Ofcourse since its just a gadget, it does know all the shortcuts.

At times when we tried to reach a place, we found better options which garmin did not suggest. The problem occured when there was signal blocking hurdles like high rise buildings of Los angeles where Garmin went out of track. However one needs to understand that Garmin takes the support of satellite signals and hence cannot be directly blamed.

Garmin also depends on FM traffic reports which might not be available in some areas. One more aspect to be pointed out is the ad banner that appears when you are not navigating. This is actually the free lifetime traffic facility by ads. So don’t get annoyed by it.

But even the ads give you help in searching your preferred location.

The interface has on its main screen two options “Where to?” and “View Map”, which are pretty much self explanatory. It also gives you the battery signal, level, time, signal strength, blue tooth indicator and volume controls. We checked the ease of interface by handing over to Non tech women without telling them about the options. They fared pretty well which means, this device is user friendly.

So simply put, the pros are that it Picks up satellites quickly, Intuitive, easy to use interface, Fast 333Mhz processor, 3-D terrain information, A host of spoken languages, Compact, easy to read screen (wide screen also available), Useful travel tools such as world clock and currency converter, Free traffic with unobtrusive ads. The cons are The fact that it even has ads might bother some, No extras such as a video/audio player, voice control, etc (a con if you expected a GPS with multimedia features), Goes haywire in areas with high buildings (as with most GPS units), Non-QWERTY keyboard
Garmin 265T GPS is priced at $240 in market.

Garmin 265T GPS review: Good performing device

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