White iPhone 4 Facing Delays Due to Glass Issue

Ever since Apple announced the special White version of the iPhone 4, users have been itching to get the feel of best Smartphone in pure white. Apple during the announcement of the iPhone 4 said that they were going to release the white iPhone later but did not give out any release date.

After the Apple press conference about the iPhone4 antenna problem, Apple finally announced that the shiny White wonder would be in the market at the end of this month without giving any hints about the possible problems that are causing the delays. Well, folks we can report that the White iPhone is facing delays due to the paint job on both the front and back glass covers.

The company lens technology which is dealing with making the glass covers is now modifying its printing process to maintain some quality standards which are essential to the shine and proper color texture of the paint. Some paint experts have given their views about the product delays as Apple’s insistence towards quality and never before seen glass texture and feel.

Apple wants the iPhone 4 White Editions to be a premium product for the users and they want it to be perfect before they release. They have delayed the product for a reason and it certainly does not hurt them as the Black iPhone 4 has gotten rave reviews and great response from the users. Apple has sold large quantities of the black iPhone 4 and is keeping the White iPhone 4 as a collector’s item. The iPhone 4 has come under criticism for its antenna issues but Steve jobs has announced that the wonderful White iPhone 4 will be shipping by the end of July. Now, Apple can once again talk about goods that the iPhones bring to the world of Smartphones.

White iPhone 4 Facing Delays Due to Glass Issue

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