4 iPhone 4 DeathGrip Solutions (iPhone Reception Problem)

Disappointed Apple iPhone 4 owners need to realize that they have choices. They don’t have to hold out for Apple to release the iPhone 4 reception fix for the Death Grip. They are able to resolve the calling problems themselves. Here are 4 solutions to fixing the iPhone 4 reception problem but you might not like them.

  1.     Give the iPhone 4 back to Apple and get one from a different company. In many US states, buyers may return cell phones and terminate new mobile legal agreements inside of 14 days — 30 days. It is sometimes called the “buyer’s remorse” period.
  2.     Quit making cell phone calls. Alright, so this may seem to be an abnormal choice, but it works. Think about what you can do without actually making a call. The iPhone 4 has many features that allow you to communicate via other methods such as Twitter and Facebook. This really isn’t a great option especially if you are the type that need a cell phone (that actually works) on a daily basis.
  3.     Move to an area with strong carrier signal. Death Grip is really only an issue in locations where there is a poor AT&T Cellular signal. While this may be a drastic solution, it is a solution and there are some Apple fanboyz that are willing to pack up their belongings and move to a new location just to appease their iPhone 4.
  4.     Sell your Apple iPhone 4 on eBay. The iPhone 4 eBay online auctions are crazy. There are “buy it now” rates of $9,00+ and auctions with bids of $800 or more. After selling and earning some $$, follow step #1 or #2.
4 iPhone 4 DeathGrip Solutions (iPhone Reception Problem)

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